Arizona Project 

Arizona’s landscape is among some of the most amazing in the US, beginning in the Grand Canyon and continuing through 21 highly varied national parks, monuments and recreation areas. One in twenty inhabitants of Arizona is Native America and one quarter of the Grand Canyon State (Arizona’s new moniker) is Indian land, meaning the area has extraordinary cultural and historical significance as well as environmental.

As a volunteer in Arizona you will be working up to 10 hours per day on projects of 4 – 9 days, as well as occasional 3 – 4 week projects and get to help conserve the natural scenery. You will have days off in between shorter projects and on site during the longer projects. Your tasks could include for example finding and killing weeds, wetland restoration, implementing erosion control features and outplanting native vegetation or maintaining hiking trails.

The work can be physically demanding, days are relatively long (around 8 hours) and volunteers should be prepared for extreme weather conditions, but the camaraderie and sense of achievement is immeasurable, and the location provides a truly memorable experience! You will still have time in the evenings and weekends to explore.

Your Base

Your base depends on the type of project you will be doing and the location. If your project is in proximity to Flagstaff then you are likely to stay at the volunteer house. However, most volunteers also get the opportunity to camp right in the heart of America’s most breath-taking landscapes while working on a project. While some project locations have developed campgrounds with warm showers, the majority are in remote and beautiful locations and have basic or no facilities, meaning volunteers get a real experience of living with just the bare necessities! Food is provided at each project and volunteers cook with their teams, taking turns preparing meals for the whole group.

On days off

During days off, volunteers stay in dormitory-style rooms in a shared volunteer house in Flagstaff. Volunteers are responsible for their own food when they’re not working on a project. There’s a shared kitchen in the volunteer accommodation and plenty of grocery shops (as well as a number of restaurants that volunteers tend to visit on lazy nights!). Most houses are equipped with wi-fi.