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The communities in this area do not have the resources to provide physical education for their pupils; BUNAC’s awesome programme is all about enriching the lives of underprivileged children through sport, combining physical education with the promotion of health and social awareness. Your Sports Coaching South Africa experience will be entirely what you make of it and no two days are the same when it comes to working with children, so be prepared for a fun, varied experience.

Your responsibilities 

  • Use the power of sport to raise awareness of health and social issues among underprivileged children

  • Teaching your chosen sports in Port Elizabeth to children from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Instilling  life skills and raise awareness of health and social issues

  • Live with other volunteers, working alongside local staff

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Hockey Netball
Swimming* Rugby
Cricket Basketball
*Swimming is only available seasonally, please contact us on 03339997516 for more information.

Volunteers work closely with the permanent local staff. You will also have solid support from the other sports coaching volunteers and local coaches who will be able to exchange views and knowledge on training methods and ideas that you might have. Depending on the sessions, general sports volunteer groups can vary from 10 to 70 people at a time.

Day to day 

You will spend your weekdays visiting local schools teaching your chosen sport. Not only will you help your students develop their sports skills, alongside your fellow volunteers you will be teaching them the importance of healthy living and instilling life skills that will stay with them as they grow.

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