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Whether it's a keen interest in your sport of choice, or if you have bags of experience coaching already there's a place for you on our Sports Coaching South Africa programme. Take a look at what you could be doing over in Port Elizabeth to make a difference in 2019.


Working as a cricket coach in South Africa integrates hands-on sports coaching experience with fun and rewarding life experience. You will be responsible for running and supervising all training and matches for the children playing. You will teach them simple batting and fielding techniques to technical bowling theory and beach cricket. All in all, you will deliver super engaging coaching sessions that’ll show them how to be the best dream team ever!


Teaching footie to children in beautiful South Africa? It doesn’t get better than that. Introduce your star youngsters to the basics of team play, movement and position holding, and watch their skills transform under your coaching. You’ll have solid support from the other volunteers, and in-country staff around you who’ll become your second family. In this job every day is different, from teaching technical play to friendly kick-abouts, you’ll rake in the coaching experience and travel memories. 


South Africans love this English sport, and with good reason. You’ll teach children how to combine great team spirit with strong game technique by compiling hockey lessons with passing and tackling techniques, position holding and short corner plays, even early morning beach runs. It’s time to pass on your knowledge to the next generation. 


South Africa might not be a country that competes in the Six Nations Rugby tournament, but they are a nation that truly worships Rugby. What better way to get kids back outside than coaching them an amazing grass sport under the sunshine? As a rugby coach, you will develop the youngster’s skills in ball handling, agile movement, game plays and tackling. You will show them complex technical game strategies to rucking and mauling formations, and even develop your own coaching programme. Let’s get outside!


Nothing gets your blood pumping like a brilliant game of competitive netball. We all know that Netball is a lot harder than it looks, and it’s your turn to teach the wonderful game to the next bunch of netball stars! Improve their passing and shooting techniques, movement and team play and watch proudly as your players develop their skills. You’ll have the opportunity to increase their fitness training, whilst increasing your coaching skills. It’s a no-brainer. 


As a swimming teacher, watching a child learn to swim for the first time is an unforgettable moment, and this is your chance to witness it for yourself in South Africa. Swim coaches can get involved at different levels of the sport however, the main focus is working with children from underprivileged township communities. The government subsidise swimming lessons for township schools so the pupils can receive lessons at local pools, yet there is still a lack of swim instructors and general assistants like you to help supervise the sessions. Whether you have recognized qualifications, or simply enjoy swimming and interacting with kids, there is a place for you. Help children learn the huge life skill that is swimming, from beginners setting foot in the pool to coaching experienced children who swim for their provincial side. Motivating and inspiring in equal measure!


Great tennis, without Wimbledon’s strawberries and cream. You’ll be responsible for running and supervising all training and tennis matches for your players. The rewards are great because the raw talent is often there, but the understanding of the basics and the experience of a team structure are often lacking, and that’s where you come in. Spend time introducing and developing the fundamentals of the sport, including the technical aspects of serving, volleying and backhand/forehand strokes, helping to build your players’ repertoire of shots. You will also work on your players’ general health and fitness, usually in fun and jam-packed group sessions.

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