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Check out our 10 week multi-project in Ecuador and see all the exciting adventures we have in store! 

  • Weeks 1-2
  • Week 3
  • Weeks 4-6
  • Weeks 7-9
  • Week 10

The Andes

An adventure playground for any explorer. With mountains scraping the skies, crystal clear lakes and spectacular waterfalls you’ll be trigger happy with your cameras on this leg of the journey. Not only is the Andes full of incredible scenery but it’s also home to some pretty special communities. 

Your help and support in this community will go a long way as not only will you be using your muscle with construction projects but you’ll also be supporting their livelihood. The local community you will be living and working within specialise in hand making traditional garments. Not only will you get to learn the tricks of the trade, but you’ll be helping them make money from these products to create a more sustainable community. 

Currently third party resellers from Otavalo buy these products from the tribes, overcharge tourists and offer a tiny sum in return to those that need it most. With your help this can change. Not only that but you’ll actively help improve schools with construction projects, cultivation, farming as well as bringing access to fresh drinking water to the tribe. 

The Expedition 

Get those walking boots on as it’s expedition time! Taking you through some of the most spectacular volcanic countryside you will ever see and it all begins at Quilotoa crater lake. Trek through lagoons, bath in geothermal spa’s, try your hand at white water rafting and climb a 20,000ft volcano… something tells me you’ll have a few stories to tell when you get home. 

The Lowland Jungle 

As your trip starts to venture west, you’ll find yourself moving on to new climates. Jungle life is a lot different to mountain life and the equatorial tropics of the Lowland Jungle is the home to a traditional community that needs your support to preserve their traditional way of life. 

Prepare yourself for total cultural emersion living and working with Sharman healers, practicing ancient rituals, learning to hunt and learning about the pride and passion behind their ancestry. In return for the kind hospitality, the Tsachila tribe need your help with reforestation. With plans to grow an edible forest, botanical garden and a cocoa plantation you can help in their efforts to create a more sustainable and stable economy.  

The Galapagos 

Every visitor will never forget the Galapagos and the way in which it unexpectedly surprises you with it’s mysterious wonders. This unique world protected by it’s isolation will allow you to interact with its wildlife whilst in its natural habitat. Famous around the world for the vast array of species this destination will not disappoint. 

Over the years humans have settled on the island which has naturally had side effects. Your efforts will be focused on restoring the landscape to its natural state, creating homes for the giant tortoise and organic gardens for the community. One thing is for sure though, this is no ordinary place, almost lunar in appearance and over millions of years old your next few weeks in San Cristobal will be like living on another planet…

The Amazon

The final episode to an adventurers journey, it’s time to visit the Ecuadorian Amazon. This remote and tropical location is on everyone’s wish list and in your final week you get to see it in style. Like a lost world, your new home will lie in the heart of vertical jungle, tangled in roots and vines, even Indiana Jones would be proud. 

Kick back and relax on a river tour, hike and trail blaze your way through the amazon, try your hand at fishing for some of the Amazons river monsters and witness its diverse wildlife. This is the end to an epic 10 weeks, the last hurrah and a chance to reflect on all the work you’ve done and the things you’ve seen. Pat yourself on the back, you did good. 


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