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Cover levels

If you aren’t sure of the right level of cover for you, then check out the common activities BUNACers do below, and what policy will best cover your trip.The 'Work Abroad' cover is included as standard. Each additional level can be built on to create cover for your needs. 

Work abroad

Work Abroad cover is the base level and starting point for you to build your insurance cover. If you’re planning on working abroad this policy will cover you for working in retail, administration, clerical and professional, manual and farm jobs.  You can then upgrade your policy cover to include those activities you may also want to do.  (This policy covers over 100 sports and activities as standard).

Types of Cover

Activity Sports

Are you joining the adrenalin junkies in New Zealand and planning to try out white water rafting, or are you heading out to South Africa as a rugby coach on our Sports Coaching South Africa project? These are two examples of how activity cover could be the policy for you. Key activities covered: Fruit or vegetable picking, scuba diving (up to 30 metres), canoeing (up to grade 3) abseiling, rugby

Adventure Sports

This policy is designed for adventure lovers. Going diving on our marine conservation programme? – This policy meets the specific insurance requirement to have diving cover down to 40m.  Fancy a shark cage dive during your sports coaching project or maybe rock climbing in Canada is on your list?

Key activities covered: black water rafting, scuba diving to max depth 40 metrestrekking between 3,501 to 6,000 metres, Shark diving

Adventure and Winter Sports

Are you on our Ultimate Canada programme and joining the epic Canada ski season?  You’ll need to make sure you’re adequately covered for your time on the slopes. Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding (or both!) this policy is for you.

Key activities coveredskiing or snowboarding- on pisteskiing or snowboarding- off piste, Ice skating, skiing / snowboarding instructing

Adventure and Winter Sports Plus

Taking your winter extreme sports to the next level? Get covered for cross country skiing, Nordic skiing, glacier skiing and more.
Key activities covered: skiing - cross country, skiing – Nordic, glacier skiing, speed skating

Many activities are covered as standard in these insurance policies, however some activities need to be covered separately. To find out exactly what's covered by checking out the full list of all sports covered by each level of insurance.

  • How far in advance do I need to book my insurance?
  • How can I extend my insurance?
  • How can I upgrade my insurance?
  • What type of activities would I be covered for whilst I'm away?
  • Which countries can I travel to with your insurance?

You should purchase your travel insurance as soon as you have booked and paid for your trip. This can be done 365 days in advance of your travel date. This will ensure that you have cancellation cover should you not be able to travel due to an insured event.

If you'd like to extend your insurance you can give us a call on 033 3999 7516 and we can give you a quote over the phone. Alternatively you can email us at with how long you would like to extend your insurance until, and we can issue you with a quote via email.

If you'd like to extend your insurance you can give us a call on 033 3999 7516 and we can give you a quote over the phone with the upgrade options available. Alternatively you can email us at with what extras you would like to add to your insurance, and we can issue you with a quote via email.

Over 100 sports and activities are automatically included for no additional charge and most are covered in full however often you undertake them during your trip. 16. Am I covered for taking part in amateur competitions? Unless otherwise stated, cover is available for amateur sports competitions.

Worldwide excluding USA, Canada & Caribbean: All countries in the world other than USA, Canada and Caribbean. Worldwide including USA, Canada & Caribbean: Anywhere in the world.