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Summer Camp is the undisputed happiest place on Earth. It’s a dream world where lifelong friendships are made, camp songs are roared, marshmallows are roasted in a-plenty and luscious lakes are jumped into from dawn until dusk. At camp, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. Campers and staff alike from far and wide join together to live every day with one simple philosophy: fun. And you’ll have ridiculous amounts of it. Welcome to the best summer of your life. 


  • Your placement at an awesome American summer camp. This is what you came for.

  • Your first night’s accommodation in the USA. We don’t want you to stress with last-minute hotel bookings, so we’ve sorted it for you.

  • Food and accommodation whilst at camp. This is all provided by your camp so your well-earned wages don’t get spent on a bed and bread! (Unless you want to buy some Cheetos, which we totally understand).

  • Assistance securing your J-1 camp counsellor visa. We know how confusing visa applications can be, and that’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way.

  • Meet us at the US embassy! We’ll be outside the embassy when you have your visa appointment to make sure you have the smoothest day possible, and to answer any of your questions.

  • Medical insurance – just in case.

  • Pre-departure orientation day in the UK. This is a chance to meet other people going to camp before you fly and get super pumped for your summer. Just a bit longer guys… 


You’ve had your piggy bank since you were seven years old and thankfully you’ll have it for a bit longer, because you don’t need to crack open your savings to fly off to the stars and stripes of camp. We have two programme options for you to choose from at officially the cheapest price on the UK market. 


All the inclusions with your flights not included. 


All the inclusions with your flights included. 


With over 2,400 camps that employ 300,000 staff, 59% of them international, your all American dream is realistic and right here. All you have to do is choose your job role. 

General Camp Counsellor

We hope you love working with kids, because you’re going to be responsible for them for 24/7! This means waking them up in the mornings, taking them to their daytime activities (swimming, boating, sports) eating meals with them and putting the darlings to bed at night. You’ll quickly realise that American children are hilarious. 

Activity specialist 

Swap your indoor office for the great outdoors. We know you fancy being the next Samuel L. Jackson in Coach Carter (but a more smiley and fun version.) Teach tennis to gymnastics to horse riding or swimming at camp. Pretty rewarding, and you’ll also get cool gear – because who can’t be swayed by merchandise? 


Been there, done that, doing it again. We like your thinking, so we hope you’ll like the discount. Returners go back to camp for £299. Not quite as cheap as chips, but nearly there. Best of all, you can return with us without having gone to camp with BUNAC before - Happy days, everyone's a winner...

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