Conservation Internships Costa Rica is now closed for 2016.

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Your internship

On your internship you will develop a range of skills including research focused data processing, biological surveys, camera trapping, specifies identification and practical skills such as first aid and potentially canoeing. 

What will I be doing?

During your initial 12 weeks you will be focusing on areas including:

  • Jaguar feeding patterns and population studies: Setting up camera traps and monitoring jaguar feeding patterns

  • Sea Turtle conservation (Seasonal March - October): monitoring and recording important conservation data on the sea turtles

  • Bird research: Assist with monitoring aquatic bird species and their migrating patterns

  • Jaguar, mammal and prey studies: assist with research in the national parks including setting up and monitoring camera traps.

After completing your 12 week expedition, you'll head to Nicaragua where you will be placed in an unpaid work placement for 10 weeks. Placements include working for our local partner to manage and help run their conservation projects or working in rainforest lodges carrying out wildlife and habitat conservation.

Why is your help needed?

The research carried out by interns has contributed to critical data for the Costa Rican government, impacting their decisions to ensure the future of the bio diverse rainforest.