Country Fact File

Country Fact File

Facts and Figures

  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Currency: Thai Baht
  • Population: 67,000,000
  • Official Language: Thai Language
  • Time Zone: GMT+7
  • International Dialling Code: +66

What does it cost?

  • A bottle of beer is around £1.40
  • A bottle of water is around 21p
  • A meal will cost from £1.34

What to eat

Don’t leave without trying Pad Thai or Kuay Tiew (noodle soup). You can also expect hot curries, fruity salads and plenty of delicious street food around every corner.

Places to Visit, things to see

  • See the breath taking beaches of Koh Samet
  • Visit the impressive Thai architecture of The Grand Palace
  • Thailand boasts the world’s largest gold Buddha!

Things to Read and Watch

  • The Beach – Alex Garland
  • Thailand: A Short History – David K. Wyatt
  • Letters from Thailand: A Novel – Botan (translated)

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