Why New Zealand

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Work and Play

Work environment in New Zealand

New Zealand has a strong and vibrant economy, known for its vital and innovative businesses – role models for other organisations worldwide. 

  • One of the “friendliest countries” in the world – workplaces friendly, relaxed and without sturdy hierarchical structures
  • Smaller company sizes mean better quality and more diversified internships; more meaningful tasks and roles
  • World-class standard in work experience – build skills in-line with your chosen career goals.

With our simple application process, we will find you an internship within one of these New Zealand companies that perfectly suits your needs.

Work and Play

It’s not all about work and no play; we love to connect interns with each other and help them make their stay in New Zealand as fun and exciting as possible. We can arrange you accommodation in our intern apartments*, as well as weekly social events, activities and weekend trips* that showcase New Zealand’s “must see’s and do’s”, all while creating memories, friends and experiences that we promise will stay with you for a lifetime.

*Auckland only

Finding you the perfect accommodation

We will help you find the best accommodation for your needs. It will be both located close to your host organisation, comfortable and affordable. Where possible, we will do our best to put you with other interns and/or students. Most of our interns get to work by either walking or taking the bus.