J-1 Visa Eligibility

You will be working under a J-1 Intern Visa, which gives interns and trainees the opportunity to gain international experience in the U.S, which will help advance your career back home.

You must fulfill the following requirements in order to be able to apply for your all-important ticket to the States:  

  • Be aged 18-38
  • Have a 1-18 month internship placement already arranged (up to 12 months on the Intern Visa and up to 18 months on the Trainee Visa)
  • Your Internship must be related to your past work/study experience

  • Be available to be interviewed in person or over the phone

  • Apply for your visa outside of the United States
  • Have sufficient support funds.

You can apply for one of two visas: Intern Visa and Trainee Visa. You must meet one of the following criteria, using our handy table below:

Types of Visa

Intern Visa Requirements

Trainee Visa Requirements

A current full-time degree level student outside of the US or have graduated within the last 12 months.
You should be at least halfway through your degree programme before beginning your internship

Have a degree and 1 years work experience in the field you are wishing to train in.


Your internship must be related to your academic field of study.

Have 5 years work experience in the field you want to train in. You must provide references to support this.

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