Finding an Internship

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Finding an internship

Finding an internship in the USA can seem like a huge task, but we have put together some handy tips to help your search. Please find below some tips in helping you find a suitable internship.

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Where to look?


The easiest place to find an internship in the USA is through personal connections. Speak to friends, family, university contacts, and colleagues to see if they have any American connections.

Social Media

Websites like LinkedIn essentially work as an online CV for future employers to view. Once you have a profile, contact American companies directly about internship opportunities.

The Internet

Many companies will only advertise their jobs online. Check out our useful websites for advice on which sites to use.

What to tell employers?

When applying for your internship, tell your employer about the BUNAC ‘Internship USA’ programme, and that we will be helping you obtain your J-1 Visa. You may want to include a link to our website for their reference. Many US employers may be initially put off hiring someone from overseas so make it clear that we will help fulfill all your visa requirements for you to intern legally in America.

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