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Do I have to be a student to take part in the programme?

No. This programme is open to students and non-students. Check out our visa page for more information on the visa most suited to you. 

I don't have a British passport. Can I still apply?

Possibly. If you are an international passport holder, you must currently be a full-time student at a UK or Irish university. Your internship must be directly related to your studies, and your English language skills must be sufficient to function on a day-to-day basis in America and to undertake the internship.

Please be aware that all visas are issued at the discretion of the US Embassy.

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Do BUNAC arrange an internship for me?

We have two options. With our Ultimate programme we help find you an internship in the industry you want to work in. With our Essentials programme it is your responsibility to find a suitable US Company to train with. Check out our tips on finding an internship in the USA. 

If I have an internship, am I definitely accepted onto the programme?

We cannot guarantee anyone will be accepted onto the programme until we have reviewed a complete application and Training Plan. Your internship must be a valuable learning experience and must be supernumary.  Interns must not fill vacancies in the US workforce and must do work that is additional to the employer's normal staffing requirements.

Can I undertake more than one internship in the US?

No. You apply to the programme with one internship in mind, and you are obliged to follow the training plan that has been written for you by that host organisation.

If you do not follow the training plan which was agreed upon or leave your host company then you must inform BUNAC immediately and will have to leave America as you are breaking the conditions of your visa.

What is a training plan?

Your company in America must complete a Training Plan which details exactly what you will be doing in America and justify the length of the internship. When reading the Training Plan, we must have a clear understanding of the goals of the training and how you will meet those goals. The employer will need to provide detailed descriptions of the kinds of activities and projects you’ll be involved in. This is best expressed in a weekly or monthly breakdown of your activities.

Does my internship need to be paid?

Your internship can be paid or unpaid. 

If you choose to do an unpaid internship, you must bring additional support funds to support your living expenses during your stay. 

How many hours a week can I intern for?

Your internship must be between 32-45 hours a week.

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