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You will be based 45 kilometres away from Tulum and working on coral reefs to the North and South of base and in the nearby communities. Tulum has a spectacular coastline and the area is also home to ancient Mayan ruins, a great place to explore on your days off. Travelling around the local area is easy and is best done using public buses which are cheap and reliable between all major towns.

During your first 12 weeks, whilst conducting marine research, you’ll be staying in shared accommodation. The facilities are basic and participants share base duties including cleaning and chores. On your 12 week work placement accommodation is of a higher standard, sharing with other participants. Your placement will be discussed with you further when you are in Mexico and this will be based along the Caribbean coast.

Who will be working on my project?

You will be working with up to 18 other international interns alongside field staff that assist the project. When on placement you will be working with local dive centre staff.

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