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Internship Placements

When you book on to the programme, our internship team will get in touch to discuss your previous work experience and education and find out exactly what type of internship you’d like to apply for. From there, we’ll work hard with our in-country partners to find the perfect internship position for your time in the States. Every internship is different but take a look below to see some of the industries that previous participants have landed placements in. 



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Full placement internships in the following industries:

  • Architecture 

  • Business, sales and marketing

  • Design

  • Education and teaching

  • Engineering

  • Environmental

  • Events

  • Financial and accounting

  • Hospitality

  • Human resources

  • Information technology

  • Journalism and Public relations

  • Law and legal

  • Logistics

  • Music, art and photography

  • Politics and community

  • Research and health

  • Retail and fashion

  • Science and biology

  • Social work

  • Sports

  • Tourism and Travel