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How to apply

  • 1

    Give BUNAC a call on 0333 999 7516 to discuss your internship. We will find out when you want to travel, for how long and what sort of internship you would like.

  • 2

    Our in - country partners will confirm your skills and experience, check you're eligible for the programme, and accept you on with open arms.

  • 3

    Fill in the internship application form including your CV, educational background and work preferences including your dream job location.

  • 4

    Going forward, you’ll be in contact with our in-country partners who will liaise directly with you throughout the booking process.

  • 5

    Pay your deposit of £480

  • 6

    You’ll be assigned a placement coordinator by our in - country partners. They’ll review your application form and finalise the type of internship you're looking for. They will guide you through creating an online application package, including a video CV.

  • 7

    Your internship gears will start turning. You might be required to have a Skype interview directly with the employer before an offer is confirmed. 

  • 8

    Complete your programme payments, your J-1 Visa application forms and attend an appointment at the US Embassy in the UK or Ireland.

  • 9

    Once your application has been approved - pack your bags and get ready for your internship adventure!