The United States truly has something for everyone. From the shimmering lights of Hollywood to the dusty depths of the Grand Canyon, America boasts an array of iconic landmarks and natural wonders. With so much variation from state to state, you’ll be spoiled for choice, so make your American dream come true!

BUNAC Programmes in USA

Summer Camp USA

Spend a summer building leadership skills while being a big kid yourself! Summer Camp USA is your key to a taste of a true American summer complete with sun, games, sports and much, much more. Shape a child’s summer and have the experience of a lifetime with BUNAC.

Price from £269 View Programme

Internship USA

Set yourself apart from the crowd by interning in the USA. Spend 1-12 months working as an intern anywhere in America. Once you've arranged your internship, BUNAC can help you obtain the visa that allows you to train in America.

Price from £657 View Programme

Work in America

If you're a student and like the sound of spending your summer living and working in the U.S, then look no further than our Work America programme. Our team of travel experts will help you with everything from finding your perfect job to securing your visa, you'll also get a month extra to travel the States when you've finished working.

Price from £599 View Programme

Soccer Coaching USA

Take your love for the beautiful game to the US of A this summer on our soccer coaching programme. Teach kids from as young as 3, all the way up to 18 on this rewarding summer experience across the pond!

Price from £700 View Programme

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