Our final adventures in Wellington

The end of our time in Wellington has come, so as it’s the last time we will have easy access to a computer we will give all you a little update of our final days in the Capital.

Skydiving, black water rafting and a Maori village
Julia went away with her parents between Christmas and New Year to see a little bit of the North Island, and even bullied the whole family into jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane to do yet another skydive. She went black water rafting in the Waitomo Caves, visited a living Maori thermal village, and finished the expedition off with another quad biking trip.

While Julia was away having a whale of a time, Dan was slaving away in order to be able to put some food on the table. Christmas in retail means long hours, and Dan was working 12 hours a day most days, but it was all good as he earned lots of money.

Julia flew back to Wellington for New Years Eve, although she was that tired after all of the previous week that she barely lasted until midnight...so not much news to report there.

Summer time and a day at the races
So the New Year is upon us and the weather in Wellington is starting to get really hot. On Wellington anniversary day (a public holiday on 25th January) we decided to go to the summer festival at the horse races. It's kind of different to the races in the UK as they only have one bookie and they don’t even call it the bookie. They also use decimal odds that are very confusing. We didn't really know what we were doing, but we managed to do OK anyway, and actually picked winners in 3 out of 7 races, so can't complain too much.

Leaving do's with a difference
For Dan’s works leaving do he decided to go down to the beach, have a BBQ and a game of beach cricket. The weather forecast had predicted thunder, but we had a beautiful hot sunny evening, and we had a cracking time watching the sun go down, with some great Kiwis we were privileged to meet.

On Julia’s final day at work we all met up in town for a final meal in a local maccers. It was so sad having to leave, and really hard to understand that you might never see again people who mean so much to you. Julia got a lovely greenstone necklace as a leaving present, which will be a great reminder of all the fun times at work.

Off to continue the adventure
So now we're all ready to go, it’s been a huge struggle to pack up all the things we have collected over the past 11 months, but finally we are just down to one car-boots worth. The plan now is to travel around the North Island until we fly over to Sydney.

Ka kite ano.

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Julia & Dan