Getting away for the weekend!


We've moved into our new house and everything has been sweet as (bro)...its nice to have a roof over our heads and central heating at last (although double glazing hasn't quite reached NZ yet)! Dan has been offered a permanent/rest-of-the-year job at Telecom, providing we stay until Christmas - so change of plan again! Joey (the campervan) has been getting on a bit and struggles with hilly Wellington, so we decided to buy a car for day-to day use. It's a lovely Toyota Corona, called Norman.

Given our recent successes with work we thought it was time we went on holiday for the weekend, and tested out our new motor on a road trip. Our destination: Mt Ruapehu, for a weekend in the snow!

The drive there took 4 hours, all in the dark, so we missed out on the mountain scenery. We got our fair share the next day, when we drove up to the top of active volcano, Mt Ruapehu. I had a hard day of skiing, only falling over twice (big bruise), and Dan had a hard day of reading the paper, in a cafe with mountain views. Overall a fun day.

The weekend has been a good rest, the journey home was awesome, and Norman has passed the test!


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