Georgia takes on Mt Maunganui (and three little boys) on Au Pair New Zealand programme

Au Pair New Zealand is now closed for 2016.

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Follow Georgia's journey to Mt Maunganui in New Zealand to work as an au pair and look after three boys for a lovely family and all the amazing friends that she has made so far.
Make lots of friends on BUNAC's Au Pair New Zealand programme.
I signed up to the BUNAC Au Pair programme in New Zealand, and I found a lovely family to au pair for with three adorable boys! They lived in a town called Mt Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty which was an awesome place to live! I left home and after a super super longggg flight I met loads of awesome people at orientation in Auckland. We walked up Mt. Eden, saw the sky tower, ate a salad (a salad???) and drank cheap beer.

On Friday I came to my new home and met the Farrah family who are great!! They made me feel at home instantly, I got to meet the three boys, who were as adorable in person and we all went out to dinner to welcome me to the house and discuss what I would be doing whilst working for them. 

Au Pair New Zealand is more than just a job!
I have not been in New Zealand long, but because everyone is so friendly I have made lots of new friends. In my first week before work began I had an adventure around my new town with some girls that were au pairing around the area. We walked around Mt. Maunganui and it was so warm it felt like a summers day, I was even tempted by a dip in the ocean. I met loads of other au pairs in the area and we are starting to become a nice little group and going out together. We tried out lots of the local restaurants at the Mount.

On another weekend off from work a big group of us went to Rotorua to do a tough guy/girl run which was just so much fun even if we got really wet and cold, and some wimps didn’t even make it through the lake. Emma and I, attempted to plan a spontaneous night out in Rotorua which failed miserably when we realised neither of us had our ID- I was asleep by about 7 that night i the end. On Sunday we went for breakfast at the Mount and had the best pancakes in the world and a great laugh. Alicia and  then went to Mclaren falls with my guitar for the afternoon which was really beautiful and such a good way to spend a Sunday!
That's all my news for now, but I will update you with how it's all going!

Are you eager to get out to New Zealand but still want the family style setting? Au Pair New Zealand is the programme for you! You can work as an au pair whilst exploring the many sights of New Zealand. Start your au pair adventure, call us on 033 3999 7516 or request a callback from the team.