Christmas in New Zealand

Our Christmas day was very different to what we are used to... it began with opening presents and our stockings from Santa, then we headed off to the beach for a paddle in the sea. We were planning to have a picnic on the beach but it was very windy, so we ate that in the car instead. In the afternoon we headed home, and spent the rest of the day out in the garden playing frisbee and lounging around, then had a huge barbequed feast thanks to our housemate, Scott.

We both got some great presents - lots of lovely English chocolate (the chocolate here isn't very nice), a book all about New Zealand with huge pictures of everywhere in, a snorkel each for our time in Ozzie, and many other useful things for travelling :) Dan got totally spoilt by his work... they gave him a present for each of the 12 days of Christmas. It began with small things like sun cream, a frisbee and lip balm, then worked its way up to a deckchair and finally a freestanding collapsible hammock! What a great job!

As our last blog was some time ago, we'll just fill you in on what we've been up to in the run up to Christmas......

Julia got another part time job in October, working as a nanny for 18-month-old twin boys. It was just a temporary job up until Christmas when she becomes full time in her other job again. She really enjoyed working with the twins and is sad to have had to leave them so soon!

We have actually managed to have a few days off work together, so have been doing 'touristy things', like going up the cable car to the botanical gardens, visiting the best swimming beach in Wellington (although we just had a paddle), and driving to the lookouts - Mt Victoria and the wind turbine in Brooklyn.

We were very lucky to manage to get tickets to the World Cup qualifier between New Zealand (the All Whites) and Bahrain. The game had an amazing atmosphere because New Zealand has not been in the World cup since 1982, so it was the biggest game for years. The stadium was a sell out and as New Zealand went onto win and qualify it made the atmosphere euphoric.

Last week Julia’s family arrived in Wellington as they are travelling around New Zealand for a month. We had an action packed day of showing them around, then a great game of mini-golf.

Only one month left in Wellington now :( Happy New Year!

Like the sound of spending next Christmas in the sunshine? Work New Zealand

Julia & Dan