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We got the low down on working in Canada from the HR department of the Blue Mountain Resort in Ontario, who interviewed BUNAC participants earlier in July.

How did it go today?

Very well! All the interviewees were very well prepared and researched, and most importantly they knew a lot about the resort and Ontario!

What experience are you looking for?

As with most customer service roles we are looking for team players who want to make visitors to Blue Mountain happy and who also have some previous customer service experience in a people facing role.  We are based in Ontario, so we want people who want to work in Ontario as their first choice, rather than it being an alternative to the West coast.

Why would you recommend working in Ontario as opposed to the West coast?

Firstly Ontario has a much better summer than the West coast, and as we are based close to Toronto, it’s easy to get to a lot of nearby places all year round!  Secondly, our international employees get a much better cultural exchange than on the West coast as we have far more Canadians in Ontario as opposed to lot of British and Australians on the West coast!

Why do you like to hire BUNAC participants?

We find that BUNAC participants are much better prepared to work in Canada; over 90% of our employees are recruited from organisations like BUNAC from all across the world. BUNAC participants have got their visa, their bank accounts and SIN numbers set up, have god insurance policies and are much better prepared to work in Ontario.  We prefer to hire through organisations as it gives us the chance to have face to face interviews in England and meet people before we employ them!


Why would you recommend that British people came to work in Canada?

Canada is a very diverse and interesting country.  Working here is very good for resumes (CVs) as it exposes you to different people and cultures to build up your people skills.  It is also a great way to build up awareness of how other cultures and countries work which is very useful for working in companies with international clients.

Any tips for Brits heading out to Canada?

Be prepared! Do your research so you know what to expect from the part of Canada you are travelling to, as it varies massively, and be aware of the seasons (e.g. the freezing winter can carry on into March/April) and take appropriate clothing.

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