Spending Christmas in Whistler

Victoria enjoying the Canadian sun

BUNAC blogger Victoria has been keeping us in the loop about her time working and living in Whistler Canada. She's just checked in with us with her next installment of her Canadian adventure. She spent Christmas 2014 up in the mountains in Whistler village on our Work Canada Ultimate package, which involved a 10kg turkey!!

So it’s the New Year and I’m still loving my Canadian life. The last few weeks have been filled with hard work, cold weather and festive celebrations. 

As a resort town whistler comes alive at the holidays and Christmas has been no exception.  Work has been busy but that hasn’t stopped us from celebrating Christmas and New Year in a big way.

Girls in Canada at monument

My Christmas day is one I’ll never forget. The day started with going up the mountain and experiencing some of the best views I’ve ever seen with the day being the clearest it has been in a long time. After lunch up the mountain I had to go to work. But whilst I was there my roommates cooked up a storm and managed to serve up a 10 kilo turkey!! Once I returned from work we opened our secret Santa presents and kept celebrating late into the night.

Between Christmas and New Year’s the temperature dropped and Whistler village itself was actually colder than up the mountain with temperatures dropping to minus 12!

New Year’s was another good night with a house party to go to and fireworks to watch.

Girls in Whistler

A few days into the New Year the two girls who stayed in Vancouver came to visit and most of the group who came over on the flight managed to get together for a meal to welcome them to whistler.

We also got to have our staff Christmas party in early January which was Bollywood themed; bit of an odd one for a ski resort but fun none the less.

Since then we have experienced Americans taking over whistler for Martin Luther King weekend and Australians taking over for Australia Day. One thing is for certain there is always something going on in Whistler!! 

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