My top 5 reasons why Iceland is awesome!

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Lizze went on our Work Canada Essentials programme and took our popular Group Flight option via Iceland. It's safe to say that Iceland was definitely a great way to start her trip. Here's what she loved about Iceland...

1) The Blu Lagoon

A trip to Iceland is not complete without a visit to the iconic Blue Lagoon. Relax in the bright blue water, swim around with a beer from the poolside bar and treat yourself with a free mud mask. What is there not to love?

2) The Northern Lights

Iceland is famous for its spectacular Northern Lights and is a must see whilst you are there if you’re visiting in the winter time. Prepare to come home with a lot of photos that will make your friends and family extremely jealous.

Nothern lights in Iceland

3) The spectacular scenery

Iceland is beyond beautiful and unlike anywhere you will have been before. There’s a reason why shows such as Game of Thrones film there

Iceland view

4) The story telling

If you’re lucky enough to meet any local Icelandic people ask them to tell some local Viking stories. My personal favourite was the Icelandic take on Christmas!

Lizzie Iceland

5) The people

The local Icelandic people are some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered. They are more than happy to help and give local advice. Whilst I was there they taught me; on Saturday ‘Nammidagur’ chocolate is 50% off, if I wanted to call the Icelandic Prime Minister his number is in the phone book and in January they celebrate Husband’s Day ‘Bóndadagur’, a day when wives buy their husband’s flowers and cook a special meal.  

Sound like the perfect way to start your Work Canada adventure? Check out the latest departure dates for our Group Flights via Iceland or give us a call on 033 3999 7516 to check availability.