My MOO experience on Work Canada

Sarah Wayne, 30 from Cambridge, tells us about her organic Work Canada experience!

When I came to Canada with BUNAC, I didn't just land my dream job, I ended up doing a job I never dreamt I would do! I spent my summer on a dairy farm in Manitoba, I milked cows, drove tractors, fed chickens and harvested fruit and veggies. I spent afternoons swimming in the lake, canoeing, hiking and 4 wheeling. It was the perfect place for spotting wildlife, no not just cows, there were coyotes, moose, beavers and a few cheeky raccoons! Even just watching the sky each day was incredible with all the summer colours and stars you could almost touch. I even saw them from the 4 seater plane that the farmer owned, slightly terrifying when it took two attempts to land but still fun!

Not the usual summer destination in Canada maybe, but I have no regrets and a whole host of skills to take home with me (OK and a bit of a sweet tooth, but who can resist all those home made organic cookies and cakes,? Not me!) I highly recommend getting off the beaten track in Canada and getting stuck into farm life, I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Thank you BUNAC, I can't wait to get my first chickens!

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