Jackson's Snowboard Instructor Course!

acksons ski season

Escape the wet British winter and have a winter season to remember. Here at BUNAC we offer a variety of destinations to do a ski or snowboard season just like Jackson's below! So if you feel inspired after this read, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Jackson has been based at the mighty Mt. Norquay in Canada for his winter season, living the dream training and working as a BUNAC snowboard instructor. It’s that time of the season to pack his bags and eye up the next adventure. Check out his season wrap-up here….

It’s hard to believe that I am nearly at the end of the season with less than a week before I begin my journey back home. I want to finish my season on a high-note and have tried to do as many fun experiences as I can with my new Banff 'family' before I leave.

Jackson and co.

I know it's going to be loads of fun in my last few days, but when the time actually comes to starting packing it will be quite hard to see myself leaving. That’s not to say that I’m not excited about feeling the warmth of Australian sunshine along with seeing my friends and family, I just never thought my season would turn out the way it did. Coming to Banff has been like living in a paradise and I have made friends for life, whilst intensifying my love for snowboarding even more than I thought I could!

Most of my love for this season has come down to my employment through Mt. Norquay. To be completely honest Norquay has given me an unbelievable work lifestyle, where I was able to meet a number great people who have been able to impact my life and learn more about the things I love. I just want to say thank you to everyone at Mt Norquay Ski School, for making everything trouble-free for me as well as giving me the opportunity to teach in such a great resort. 

Resort Norquay

Of all of the resorts in the area, Norquay definitely comes out on top for me with it being more of a family vibe among the instructors, not just a company. This work lifestyle has really suited me and I have already recommended it to people through BUNAC.

From this experience I will definitely work as a snowboard instructor again – I just have to work out where & when. I would love to work with people I have met on this trip again and I can safely say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life, even though I had to live in a six-man hostel bedroom for most of my stay! 

Whilst this season has been an unbelievable experience it is time for me to begin the journey back home with the hope to continue my love for snowboarding in the upcoming seasons. I just wanted to thank BUNAC for providing a wonderful programme, great training and connecting me with a job, along with letting me write my experiences through this blog.

Jackson had an epic season…and you can too. So stoked Jackson is now sold on the ski industry and is planning his next big trip. All the best Jackson!

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