I find myself with a large suitcase in Toronto Airport...

Mark Watmough, 26 from Lancashire shares his Work Canada experience

May 04, 2010. I find myself with a large suitcase in Toronto Pearson Airport and the realization that I will be spending the next year in Canada hits me. Why did I leave my steady job, good friends and nice home behind?

After 2 weeks of frustration on both the job and flat hunting front; both came at once. First I moved into my new place, which was in Little Italy with some friendly Canadians. The location was amazing – close to downtown, but far enough out to avoid the rush. I set off for the local grocery store and got a phone call from one of the employment agencies I signed up for. It was a vacancy at CAMH working in administration and the office was literally 5 minutes walk from my new place – 2 days and 1 interview later and I had the job. Sat in my new flat waiting for my first day in my new job, I was left thinking about funny it is that things just seem to fall into place.

I’ve joined football (soccer) teams in Canada and find the camaraderie amongst the group is always the same and always great. I love the laid back approach to life, which the Canadians seem to pass through to their sports. Whenever I have hit the town, I have found everyone (literally) approachable and friendly.

So I have enjoyed my summer and I’m left bracing myself for the winter. I had planned on travelling west to Vancouver and the Rockies, but this has been placed on hold. My previous boss left her position, which left me to fill it - I am now the assistant to the CIO and CPO at CAMH and the job is busy but very interesting and quite enjoyable in a strange way. Again, I’m left amazed at how things work themselves out and I wonder what I was worrying about on that first day at Toronto Pearson Airport.

To read more of Mark's story, check out his travel blog at http://mark-watmough.blogspot.com

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