How Work Canada changed my life

27-year-old Richard from Bedford tells us how his experience of Work Canada changed his life.


I am writing to you to tell you about my BUNAC experience. When I applied for Work Canada, I had just finished being a student and was worried that I would not be able to come and work in Canada, as I was too old (25!). I was recommended to you by a friend of mine who said to have a look at your website and see if it was possible. I had look at saw that you provided support for people looking to go to Canada, perfect! I couldn't wait! I sent off for all my work details, new passport, criminal record check and the sufficient BUNAC literature needed and I was on my way!

I decided that I would go to Whistler and then move to Vancouver at a later date, but wanted to enjoy myself first then work hard later...well not too hard. Anyway to cut a long story short, as I'm sure you do not really want to know the ins and outs of what happens in Whistler!! I met a girl when I was in Whistler and 6 months ago we got married! It has been a truly amazing past few years and I have never been happier. We live in Vancouver, in Kitsilano and have a great apartment with a dog. My life has changed so much and all for the best, I have never had so much fun and enjoyment as I do now.

So really it's a big thank you to BUNAC for helping me get settled in Whistler and changing the whole of my life. I'm sure you will get many stories about crazy adventures and parties and how people managed to do and see amazing things, but you helped me to find my one true love. You have actually changed the whole of my life and my wife's and now I have a family to show for it, which in my eyes is more important and amazing than anything else I could have done on my own. What's more crazy to think about, is that I never thought this was possible and it all came through having the opportunity to go somewhere and meet different people. Life only gives us a certain number of choices and its what we do with them that can change our lifetime. BUNAC gave me more choices. Thank you!

Kind Regards,


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