Hotel Work in Canada - Working at the Four Seasons

I have been living and working in Canada for 10 months now. I was in Whistler working for the Four Seasons and lived in their staff accommodation. I was working as a server assistant for breakfast which was a 6 a.m. start so quite challenging especially when you're living in Whistler!

I am now in Ucluelet doing a surf season which was unplanned but because I loved Canada so much I extended my stay for another 6 months.

Overall, I believe my working holiday Canada experience with BUNAC has seriously been an eye opening experience and wouldn't change a thing. I'm still considering staying out here for another year but that's only a possibility. This whole experience has taught me many life lessons, has opened up a whole new set of doors and has most definitely upped my Facebook friends count!

Check out our working holiday canada homepage for full details about our Work Canada support package or chat to one of our travel advisors on 0207 870 9570.


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