Coast to Coast…to Coast - My 16 months in North America

Paul Eagle, 29 from West Sussex, describes his unique experience of Work Canada

Last year, I embarked on a 16 month trip across North America. I returned for a second summer  in Vermont, Road-tripped from New York to San Francisco, traveled up to Vancouver, then spent a year working and traveling in Canada. I have too many great memories to share in detail, but here are some of the highlights of my adventure:

Statue of Liberty, then Ocean city. Hurricane season so Five days in DC.

New Orleans closed, so Houston we go; and Dallas and Austin and New Mexico.

Arizona's red rock with monument blocks. Camp at the Grand Canyon, see sunrise on top.

Then Las Vegas Lights, and Las Vegas nights. Nevada Dessert with roads out of sight

California beach fun, the sea, smog and Sun. We're searching for Arnie all the way up Route One

The San Fran roads wind, past the prison on the island, But we head into Canada and leave it behind.


Mounties and Looniess and Poutine and Twonies; Learning the customs in a new country.

Vancouvers' shops and Meetings at SWAP. Setting up bank accounts and looking for jobs.


Work on a ski slope in twenty below. Running a chair lift and shoveling snow.

Sunny blue skies, and snow to my thighs. Riding all day and drinking all night.

Snowboarding to work, afternoons in the park. Rocking my goggle-tan, night-riding at dark.

Then snow begins melting, the season is ending.  Next on to Alberta and its Mountains ascending.


New job with a camera at the Banff Gondola. Take pictures of tourists as they enter the car.

Chipmunks at my feet, and Deer in the street. Learning to square dance at Calgary Stampede.

River barbecues, chilling in Canoes, Tuesday is Steak night, then bingo and foos’.

12 hour hikes, Mountain wildlife, saying goodbye to the views of my life.

Two and a half days, to do 3000k's; Crossing the country the Greyhound bus way.

To see Niagara Falls, some Bluejays baseball; The CN Tower and Quebec City walls

Ottawa in Fall, the nation's capital. Parlez-vous Francais whilst in Montreal? 

Sad it's the end, but back home to friends…

log onto to do it again!


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