Canada, I'm ready for you!

Victoria will be working in Canada this winter as a Spa Receptionist in a world famous ski resort in Whistler which BUNAC organised for her on the Full Placement option. She spills the beans about how her preparations are coming and gives an insight into the whole process with BUNAC.

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After a year filled with Dissertation, exams and saying goodbye to university life, it feels very weird to say in just over 3 weeks I shall be flying out to spend a year in Canada!

I’m lucky enough to have been to Canada twice before and during both those trips my love for the land of Tim Horton’s, bears, moose, lakes and snow has grown each time. So when the time came to decide what to do with my life; the decision was pretty easy.Take me to the great white north!

I decided to take as much assistance as I could get and opted for both the full placement and Group Flight that BUNAC offer. After BUNAC organising an interview with the Canadian employer for me, I secured a job as a Spa Receptionist ready for me when I arrive in Whistler the world famous ski resort on Canada’s West coast. I’ve also been lucky enough to get staff accommodation for my time in Whitler, so I can just start getting excited about the working in Canada! But fact I shall be living and working in a ski resort is a little daunting as I only have been skiing once, and that was 7 years ago.

I fly out with a group of people on BUNAC’s Group Flight in a similar situation and will get to spend a few days exploring Vancouver before heading off in our separate directions, though based off Facebook conversations many of the group are headed to whistler too!

I am counting down the days till we fly out and I can’t wait to get to Canada!!

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