What a trip!

When we first arrived me and one of the guys from our flight group decided to buy a car – we really wanted to just drive off and not know where we were going to end up! The car lasted us the whole year and took us to some amazing places! It was great having the freedom to go wherever we wanted, and to be able to visit random places that bus tours may not have taken you to. Driving along the open road with some cool 80’s tunes playing from the cassette tapes we picked up in some cheap shop, we felt like we could do ANYTHING!!!

I mainly worked in supermarkets while I was travelling, as this is something I’d done at home. This meant I could really get involved with the community as most of my colleagues were ‘locals’. Although I had great fun with my fellow BUNACers and travellers, it was good to meet some Aussie people! Everyone is so friendly and keen to chat to you, invite you around for dinner or buy you a few beers! This is something you wouldn’t get on a two-week holiday, the chance to really live and experience the real Australia.

I used the facilities in the IEP office quite a lot, and it was useful to know they were there if I needed them. They took care of everything when I arrived, and it was great to be met at the airport and have your arrival accommodation booked (my Mum especially found this reassuring!). At the end of my trip, even though I’d been travelling around the country for months, I was still welcomed back into the office when I passed back through Sydney on my way home to ask some last minute questions!

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