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Work Australia participant Claire from Oldham, checks in from Sydney to let us know what she thinks of our Work Australia support office in Sydney.


Hope all is well back in the UK, we are all having a great time in Sydney!

Just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how brilliant we all think the Sydney resource centre is.  We were so grateful for all the work they had done for us before we came and every single person came away from the presentation the other day completely blown away by all the offers of help, hints and tips.  It was so delightful just having person after person appear and detail what services they have and what opportunities we can take advantage of.  (Our rep in Hong Kong was also pretty amazing and I can't believe we got to stay in such a nice hotel!)

Thanks for all your work too in getting us here.  We are having a blast!  (Our group have got along particularly well and are planning to travel pretty much as a whole at least for the next handful of weeks.)

Kindest regards and many thanks,

Claire Taylor

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