How Work Australia has changed my life

Check out the latest e-mail we received from Work Australia participant Tom, 23 from Buckinghamshire.

Hey Hey,

I know this probably won’t be read but just wanted to say a big thank you to BUNAC for their Work Australia programme - it's changed my life. I left on the 9th September group flight to Hong Kong and then on to Sydney and it has been the best experience off my life by far. Obviously me and the other people I came with were really nervous but thanks to BUNAC and a wee bit off alcohol on the plane we all go to know each other and be friends with each other ever since. I heard of BUNAC through a university expo day and thought I might as well cause after all, who would want to be in England right now with everything going on?
So we went to Hong Kong for the first 3 days which was amazing especially with the skyline on the harbour it equals Sydney by far. 

So thanks to BUNAC's Australian partners, you've changed my life for the better. I’ve become more independent along the way thanks to their help with finding a job, house, activities and new friends. I’ve seen places only people can dream of seeing back home in the UK in Amersham, Bucks. 

I’ve done Sydney at New Years, Great Ocean Road, Australian Open Tennis, Uluru and Kings Canyon and, oh yeah I’ve lived and worked in Sydney Australia. How many people can tell their friends and family that back home?! 

Plus I did it all with a car I bought off Gumtree in Sydney! We drove it from Sydney, to Melbourne, to Adelaide and then finally to an Outback town called Marla about 600KM from Alice Springs where it decided to BLOW UP. Bad Times :(, but an experience nonetheless when you're trading a broken blown-up car for 2 Greyhound tickets to Alice Springs which surprisingly worked. Plus I never knew Australia was in World War II until I got to Darwin by the Ghan train, which has humidity of 96% and tropical cyclones, which are a little exciting. 
I finished working at a call centre in St Leonard’s, Sydney at the end of June, and afterwards I went to the Great Barrier Reef and then on to New Zealand in August for the Rugby World Cup with my girlfriend. Also wanted to say a quick thank you on behalf of myself and my girlfriend, who I met through BUNAC USA on my second day in Australia. She’s American and came with BUNAC in Oklahoma. So for obvious reasons thank you VERY much because we have experienced all of this together and got to live in the trendy Surry Hills and the surfers capital off the world BONDI!! 

I’m looking forward to going to America for a year now with Lauren. So thank you; 
1) for her
2) once you start travelling you definitely get that travelling bug and never want to stop.

So I imagine no one will read this and comment but I thought it was worth a try. 
BUNAC has changed my life and I hope this message will help other people my age or any age who are worried about travelling in general and coming to Oz by themselves. It's by far the best/scariest decision I have ever made. The hard bit is putting your foot on that plane at Heathrow but as soon as you do that you will not regret coming to Australia.

Especially when you see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House for the first time at 7 in the morning from 30,000 feet. It’s an amazing view and makes you think; why you were so worried?! So definitely do Work Australia!!!

Thanks very much because I’ve seen things that will last me a lifetime, I’ve experienced the aboriginal culture, met new friends and I now have a girlfriend to experience the rest of OZ, NZ, the US and one day soon we will eventually come back to Amersham, Buckinghamshire to stay. Well for a while at least.  

Hope this helps other people, I was once in your confused shoes on where to go and more importantly if I had the courage to go by myself.

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