A day in the life of a BUNAC Work Australia participant

Meet Sarah, almost 12 months into her Work Australia trip with BUNAC. With her time down under coming closer and closer to an unfortunate end, we look back with her about when she first arrived into Sydney with the rest of the group from our ever-popular group flights, and how she got on with our partners Work n Holiday

Two twelve hour flights, three crazy days in Hong Kong, absolutely no sleep, 20 lovely new BUNAC friends and a brand spanking new Australian visa stamp in my passport, my Work Australia adventure had begun. As the plane touched down at Sydney International airport I was safe in the knowledge that I would not be entirely alone in this strange land of sun, surf, kangaroos and koalas...

 The Work Australia package includes accommodation on arrival in Sydney's YHA central, I chose to book for five nights which gave me the security of knowing I had time to see the sights of Sydney, head on a few nights out and most importantly figure out how I wanted to spend the next year!


Day one of my Work Australia adventure began with an orientation given by Work n Holiday and it went something like this...


8:45am-  Met Work n Holiday representative in the lobby of the hostel. An early start considering the massive night out me and my fellow BUNACers had embarked on the previous night. Luckily we had headed to Scubar, conveniently located right next door to YHA (Monday night crab-racing is a must).


9:00am- Arrived at the worknholiday office, located right in the middle of Sydney's George street! Received a warm welcome from staff and headed into the orientation room for a presentation.

Started off by receiving our Australian bank cards and tax file numbers as well as details on Medicare, was really useful to get help with all the (boring) important stuff!


9:30am- Workshop about finding jobs- had no idea you needed an RSA to work in a bar so got myself booked onto that for the following week! Also booked onto the barista course so I could become a coffee whizz!


11:30am- Presentation on all the awesome sights of Australia, the best ways to get around and general information on all the awesome things we can pack into our year working holiday.


12:30pm- Break for lunch- Loads of places to choose from so headed off to explore what culinary delights Sydney had to offer.


1:30pm- Headed back for a surf camp presentation- have always wanted to learn to surf so signed up for a five day trip to one mile beach with lots of my fellow BUNACers!


2:30pm- Presentation on farm work and WWOOFing- really like the sound of WWOOFing so bought a years membership.


3:30pm- First day over- left Work n Holiday with a head full of useful information and plenty of optimism for the year ahead!


Fast-forward 12 months and Sarah's trip is almost over. we caught up with her to find out her top tips for new travellers, or future BUNACers thinking about embarking on the Work Australia programme...

 It has been nearly one year since my first day in Sydney and what a crazy year it has been, here are my top five tips for anyone embarking on a working holiday here in Oz...


5. Be prepared to do any job

I never pictured myself as a charity fundraiser, potato harvester or farmer but absolutely loved all three!


4. Make the most of hostel living

You will meet the most amazing people in hostels...never be afraid to socialise with anyone and everyone. Pick up stories and tips, get drunk, party and have fun with like-minded people from all over the world.


3. Head off the beaten track a few times

Australia is huge! It's not hard to find deserted beaches, long stretches of open road, huge starry skies and an array of wildlife out in the bush!


2. Learn to live as cheaply as possible

No food ever tastes as good as free food! Make friends with anyone who can cook in a hostel, never turn down a freebie and always search high and low for free WIFI. 

1. Make the most of every experience

I never expected to be sorting potatoes in the freezing cold or getting up at seven every morning to feed a new born lamb but that's the life of a traveller. Every experience is unique and exciting, so try to smile...even if things haven't turned out quite as expected, you are in Australia after all!

To find out more about the services offered by both BUNAC and Work N Holiday on our Work Australia programme give us a call on 033 3999 7516 or request a call back!

Want to tell us about your BUNAC experience? Email us at promo@bunac.org.uk. 

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