Time to see more of the world!

After a sheltered two years at university, I decided I needed to see a bit more of the world and gain some independence. I wanted to try and earn some money over the summer, and at the same time experience some different surroundings. I decided to go on Work America.

I waitressed at a private members’ club on Martha’s Vineyard first of all, then did casual work in a supermarket and spent the rest of the time travelling and holidaying.

The experience definitely lived up to my expectations. I feel like I have discovered a lot more about myself and my ability to cope in situations far from home, away from the stability of my family and friends. It was challenging, but very rewarding, and I developed a love for the island I was living on. I would love to go back – even just for a holiday!

The highlights of my trips were learning about life in the USA, from political perspectives, to linguistic differences, meeting new people and seeing new sights, the feeling of freedom and financial independence, having a break from life in England (and English weather!), having time to reflect, and a feeling of purpose and structure in my day-to-day life. And no essays to worry about!

When I felt I had seen everything that Martha’s Vineyard had to offer, I decided to do some more travelling – I visited both Boston and New York, staying with people I had met, and I can honestly say this was the best time of my life. Both cities just felt so vibrant and incredible. I didn’t want to come home.

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