Sam takes the leap onto Work America Ultimate

Sam Work America Winner

Sam was the first lucky winner of our Work America competition and has already secured his job in the USA. Check out how he's found the Work America Ultimate planning.

I’ve always been keen to get myself out there and travel the world. However, I’ve never really taken the dive and done it. That is until now. Being in my Second year at uni I thought this was if any the best chance to get out the country and explore somewhere new. Having settled on the work America program I signed myself up through BUNAC. Wasn’t until a few weeks later I received an email about the competition for basically paying for my trip to the States. On the fly decided to enter it and once again didn’t really think any more. Likewise a few weeks later I receive a phone call as I walk through the door. So apparently I’d actually been the first winner of this competition! Didn’t really know how to react at this point, think I didn’t sound too excited on the phone (don’t worry Mr. telephone man, I was). It was at this point I think I really started looking into what BUNAC can offer me as a potential job. I’ve worked in retail for a few years so didn’t really fancy that. Always been a keen swimmer so settled on the lifeguard route. 

The next step basically consisted of me creating an American style resume and begin drafting cover letters. I had a few phone calls with BUNAC asking for some guidance
on how to actually do it. Sounds simple but it’s nothing like your standard British CV. Unless I’ve always been writing my CVs wrong, if that’s the case you’ll find it easy! During this stage I’d noticed the lifeguard position at an amusement park in New Jersey and I think someone over the phone had told me about the position as well. Long story short, I sent of my resume and cover letter and a few days later was told I’d be having an interview over Skype just before Christmas.

The interview came around and was actually a pretty swift process. Talked about why I wanted to be a lifeguard and simply why I wanted to get out to the States. Over the Skype interview I was pretty much confirmed a position, wasn’t until January when I actually received the job offer. On that note this part of the story is pretty much done. Got a few forms to print off and complete and send back to BUNAC, apart from that it’s just a waiting game till I get my Embassy appointment booked.

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