My Windy City Summer

After years of wanting to work in America, last summer Debbie made her dreams come true on Work America!

In the UK

After a very stressful day at uni I decided I needed to get away for the summer and that’s when my weekly newsletter came through from BUNAC; it felt like a sign. I couldn’t afford to go travelling so I was really interested in the work abroad programmes.
America was always somewhere I wanted to visit, but I wanted to live there not just travel around. Work America was perfect. The visa was only available for students so I figured this would be the last chance I get before I graduate. Like I said, it was a sign.

A week later I had paid my registration fee and had access to the online Job Zone. The job list was incredible! There were hundreds of jobs to choose from. I read through and applied to about eight jobs that suited me. There were jobs like theme parks, restaurants, shops, bars etc. but I preferred the sound of the Country Clubs and Hotels, and I also randomly applied to a Ranch.

The next day I received an email from Mr Plain, the manager of Green Acres Country Club who wanted to have a phone interview. We arranged a time and I ended up speaking to him the next day. Testament to his name, Mr Plain is the bluntest man I have ever met in my life! I didn’t speak much to be honest, he told me about the job, the accommodation, the people and the area. After he’d finished talking he asked, “Do I want the job or not?” I immediately accepted and never looked back.


The job was a server at the Country Club, working in the pool bar during the day and in the restaurant in the evening – afternoons off. The best thing about the club was that it was closed on a Monday so we were all off together and had full use of the swimming pool and golf course which was AMAZING, every Monday felt like a mini-holiday!

The accommodation was on site; we paid $30 a week which included breakfast, lunch and dinner. The people I worked with were from all over the world; South Africa, Serbia, Romania, Mexico and, of course, the UK. I genuinely made friends for life and wouldn’t be without them now!

The area was a suburb called Northbrook, about half an hour away from Chicago. Chicago itself is a beautiful city, with incredible architecture. I wasn’t particularly interested in visiting Chicago before, but now I can’t wait to go back.

Over the course of the summer, as I’m sure you can imagine, we had plenty of stories to come home with, few of which are suitable for my BUNAC blog! As sad as it was to leave Green Acres in September, I was so excited for the next part of my trip. Now I got to see the rest of America!

My Travels

I left Chicago after Labour Day with two South African girls I worked with. Destination: VEGAS!

Vegas is a hard place to describe; it’s like stepping in to another world. And true to the traditions, what happened in Vegas definitely needs to stay in Vegas. So, after 3 days of mental parties, gambling, and all day drinking, the girls had to go back to work in a world of pain.

I made my way to LA to meet some friends from home who fancied a holiday. We saw the works: Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, Venice Beach and of course we had the standard picture by the Hollywood sign.

We decided to take a road trip up to San Francisco, taking the scenic route along the coastal road stopping off wherever took our interest. It was a beautiful journey and after a couple of days we arrived in San Francisco which really is a wonderful city, (very hilly though, just a heads-up).

My friends and I went our separate ways; their holiday had come to an end, mine was still only halfway through. I flew straight to Miami to meet two of the English girls I worked with at Green Acres. A member at the Country Club very generously offered us his PENT HOUSE APARTMENT to use! Living it up in pure luxury really soothed the hangovers of the Miami nights out!

To end my summer, I saved the very best for last; New York City! I flew up to meet another friend from home. New York was a dream come true - Times Square, Rockefeller Centre, and Broadway shows. It was one of the best weeks of my life to finish the best summer of my life.

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