My amazing time working in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

University student Sophie just got back from her cultural exchange trip on BUNAC's Work America programme. She spent her time working as a waitress at a restaurant in South Carolina and travelling around the USA to see as much of the beautiful country over the summer holidays from university.

Sophie worked as a server on BUNAC's Work America programme

I would have never imagined living and working in the United States until I discovered BUNAC’s Work America programme. It seemed like a dream come true for me, and a perfect time to do something useful over my long summer break from university than just sitting at home and working in a restaurant in the UK. And the fact that you got 30 days at the end of your time working to travel really appealed to me. 

I chose BUNAC's Full Placement option as the guaranteed job really appealed to me, I'd just have to send all my documents over and choose which areas of work I would be interested in and BUNAC done all the hard work. The process was simple and easy and after booking organising a couple of interview for me with US employer I secured a job as a waitress in a seafood restaurant in Mrytle Beach, South Carolina... or a 'server' as they call them in the US. 

I had the best experience working as a waitress in Myrtle Beach. I gained some great skills that I can use on my CV back in the UK, such as customer service skills and communication skills. When I wasn't working I was chilling out with my new friends that I had made and taking full advantage of the beach practically on our door-step! 

After working hard for three months in the restaurant it was finally time to travel and see the USA! I had lots of fun exploring the Deep South and had earned enough money from working (plus my tips!) to travel to New York and Boston. Definite highlights of my travels were visiting Times Square and walking along the Brooklyn Bridge. 

I will never forget my experience working and living in America for four months, it was life-changing and I would definitely do it again! 

You can take advantage of BUNAC's Full Placement jobs on our Work America programme, check out here what jobs you could be working in. Is finding a job part of the fun? We have our Self Placement programme for you to find your own jobs with BUNAC's support. Give us a call to speak to the Work America team on 033 3999 7516.

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