How Roisin landed her Work America Story Land, New Hampshire

Posted on 24/02/2012 in Work Americaby Roisin1 comments

Roisin has already bagged her job for Work America, using BUNAC's exclusive online Job Zone! See how she did it here!

How did you find out about BUNAC?

I first heard about BUNAC when I was looking for things to do in my Gap Year, but never got round to applying. When I was a student, I went back on the website to look at the student programs.

Why Work America?

I've been to America twice before and loved it so I really wanted to go back for longer and have a chance to actually work there.

Had you been planning it for a while or was it a spur of the moment decision?

I had been thinking about it and wasn't sure whether to go for it, then one day I decided I didn't want to miss the opportunity and just applied! I wanted to go for it before I talked myself out of it!

Did you find the Job Zone easy to use?

The Job Zone was easy to use and the jobs were organised by State which was really good.

What is your job and where?

My job is at a theme park in New Hampshire called Story Land and I'm going to be working in food and beverage retail.

How did you choose which jobs to apply for?

I firstly looked at certain states that I would like to work in, but by the end I was emailing most of the jobs that appealed to me. Ones that came with either accommodation or help with accommodation were definitely a preference!

How many jobs did you apply for?

It must have been about 30-40 jobs. I emailed most jobs off the Job Zone and also some that I found on other sites. I prefered applying to those on the Job Zone though, as I know that, for the majority of them, people from BUNAC had worked there before.

How many did you get replies from?

I must have got replies from about 1/3 of the employers, with many saying that they were looking through all their applications and would get back to me. I was offered a Skype interview with my future employer at Story Land, who also emailed me a handbook about working and living at Story Land, which was so helpful. After I had accepted this job, I was also offered another Skype interview for a job on Long Island.

Have you arranged accommodation?

My employer provides accommodation at the cost of $120 fortnightly.

The Interview process:
How long after application were you asked for interview?

Story Land actually replied to me the same day! They were the most helpful and friendly out of all the jobs I'd applied for.

What type of questions did they ask?

She asked why I wanted to work there, what department I felt I was most suited to and when I could work to and from.

Was it a two-way conversation- did the interviewer give you an idea of what you’ll be doing?

The interviewer was really friendly and informative, and spent a lot of time going through what would happen on my arrival and what my Summer at Story Land would be like. She also talked about trips that were organised by the employer to local cities and landmarks.

Did you have any experience for the job?

I had worked part-time in a restaurant for two and a half years so had some experience within the food and beverage department.

What are you looking forward to most?

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone who I will be working and living with, and also having the chance to see other parts of America that I have never visited before.

Are you looking to travel afterwards?

Yes, I will only have a week to do so, but plan to visit Philadelphia, Boston and then round off my trip in New York City!

Going alone or going with a friend?

I'm going alone which is quite scary but I’ve already spoken to another girl from the UK who is going to the same place! We found each other on Twitter!

When do you leave?

I fly 13th June!

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