How Rebecca landed her Work America Story Land, New Hampshire!

How would it feel to have your summer sorted already? Rebecca has! A job, accommodation and a flight to the States...this isn't just any summer, it's a Work America summer! Find out how she did it!

How did you find out about BUNAC?

I discovered BUNAC in my first year of university at UCF. I attended a talk by one of the BUNAC reps.

Why Work America?

I really wanted to experience a new country and a different culture after finishing university as a way of moving from education to the real world of work. I thought Work America would be a great way of doing that. I also wanted to do something completely independently, just to prove that I could…but I like that fact that I do have support in case I ever needed it!

Had you been planning it for a while or was it a spur of the moment decision?

I had planned it for a while, since before the summer of 2011, so that I could save up some money but when it came to actually paying my deposit and searching for jobs it was exciting, but so scary! It didn’t seem real until I secured a job, booked my flights and so on. Now the fear is gone, and I am counting down the days!

What is your job and where?

I will be working at Story Land Amusement Park in New Hampshire, in the gift shop.

How did you choose which jobs to apply for?

The job seemed fun and the people who run the park seem lovely. They also offer a great international student programme where the accommodation is provided and cheap. Also they make sure you see the surrounding areas/states, so you don’t spend the whole summer working. It seems nicely structured for someone going it alone!

How many jobs did you apply for?

I initially wanted to do an internship in publishing or PR, however after emailing so many companies and having most of them say that their internships were unpaid, I decided to try and find a fun seasonal job instead. I applied for around 4 or 5 seasonal jobs along the East Coast.

How many did you get replies from?

I received replies from 3 of the positions I applied for, but decided that Story Land would be the most fun!

Have you arranged accommodation?

I will be staying in rented accommodation provided by the park.

The Interview process

I received an email a few days after my initial enquiry stating that I would be a good fit for the job, and that they would arrange an informal Skype interview in the following weeks. I probably had the interview around a month after my initial application.
They asked me about my CV, my past experience in other jobs, why I wanted to work at the park etc.. They also gave me all the information I would need to know about working in the park, living in the areas and so on.

What are you looking forward to most?

I am looking forward to living somewhere new and meeting new people. I also play roller derby, so have already made contact with some cool people from NH who play roller derby too! They have been so kind offering to meet up, allowing me to skate with their leagues and so on. Playing with an American team is like a British roller derby girls’ dream! I also can’t wait to see Boston and visit NY- I will definitely be seeing something on Broadway!

When are you going?

I am flying on the 18th June! I will be flying to Boston, spending a few nights there and will then travel to NH. When I finish working on Labour Day I will then travel to NY to spend my last week there before coming back to the UK for my graduation. It’s going to be amazing; I only wish it lasted longer!

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