How Ellie landed her Work America job...on Nantucket!

Posted on 27/02/2012 in Work America by Ellie

Keeping it in the family, Ellie is prepping her own Work America adventure on the recommendation of her mum who also did it when she was a student! As they say, mums know best!

How did you find out about BUNAC?

I had heard from my mum that BUNAC was a reputable organisation as she had used it herself when she was a student and thought it was brilliant.

Why Work America?

I chose to do Work America as I've always wanted to go to America as it seems like such an interesting and beautiful place. (Plus the
weather's a lot better than in England in summer!). I preferred to work there for a few months rather than travel so I could get a real experience of American culture and what it's like to live there.

Had you been planning it for a while or was it a spur of the moment decision?

I'd been planning it since my first year of university; I've always wanted to travel and see more of the world.

How did you find the Job Zone? Easy to use?

I found the Job Zone easy to use; it listed jobs State and gave me all the appropriate information (pay per hour, total number of jobs, job description etc).

Your job: who, what and where?

I chose to go with my best friend Will and the job is in a sandwich shop in Nantucket called Something Natural- I'll be making sandwiches and serving tables and customers. Our job comes with accommodation, two miles away from work, for $100 a week which isn't bad at all. I'd read about it being difficult to find accommodation in Nantucket so was very grateful that mine came with

How did you choose which jobs to apply for?

I chose jobs which I had experience of or would be easy to learn, such as waitressing or shop/counter work. I also chose jobs that were in places that I wanted to visit; I'd always fancied seeing the East Coast so applied for some of them. I also applied for a couple in California just in case, but I knew how popular jobs were over there so didn't think I'd find any.

How many jobs did you apply for?

I applied for about 25 and got replies from 3.

The interview process

We didn't have an interview with the employer but we sent in resumes with details about ourselves and our experience instead.

Did you have any experience for the job?

Yes, I'd previously worked as a waitress and currently work in a shop inside my Student's Union.

What are you looking forward to most?

I'm most looking forward to living a new kind of life for a few months; being a student for three years can get a bit tiring and repetitive so I fancied a change and an adventure before I had to start a full time job. I also haven't been abroad for years so going to somewhere with good weather is a definite plus!

Are you looking to travel afterwards?

Definitely! We're going to look around the East Coast as much (and as cheaply) as we can!

When do you leave?

We leave a few days before we have to start work (on June 15th) so around the 10th or 11th. Can't wait!

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