How Daniel landed his Work America Cape Cod!

Posted on 28/02/2012 in Work America by Daniel 2 comments

Already counting the days until June 1st, Daniel gives us the low-down on how he's landed his Work America summer job in the beautiful Cape Cod.

I decided I wanted to do Work America because I wanted a change. Having lived away from home at university for nearly three years I thought it was time to live abroad because I like the idea of working abroad. It was a decision I made at the start of my final year of university because my ultimate dream was to live and work in New York so applying for Work America became my stepping-stone.

The Job Zone was very easy to use; the harder you work at applying for a job the success rate becomes higher. I decided to choose jobs in areas that were interesting for me, so by the end I had contacted about 12 employers. My primary location was New York however I had other locations in mind as well like Massachusetts, California and Florida. I only chose jobs that offered accommodation however it did become apparent that even employers who didn’t provide living were willing to help.

I got three offers and I decided to choose the Lighthouse Inn at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It’s ideal for me because it’s a job I’m familiar with and matches my CV. The interview process was comfortable and reassuring and they didn’t make it stressful for me at all, which I was really appreciative for that. The interview at first was me and my employer just getting to know each other, and when the interview got more relevant to the job he asked more about my current working environment and compared it to his so it was a very interesting conversation. He gave me a very good idea of what I would be doing and we were on the same wavelength. He offered me the job at the end of the interview, which I was very surprised and happy by so I took the instinctive decision and accepted it there and then!

Their admin team has arranged my accommodation so they have been very helpful. I’m looking forward to being in a totally different environment within a different culture. I cannot wait to travel around my new area as well. Travelling is a desire of mine so it’s something I am best pleased about. I am hoping to travel, more specifically New York because that’s the place I’d love to live so I don’t want my expectations cut short! I’m looking to leave around 1st June.

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