There were four of us who had decided to go to Santa Fe on our days off, and it turned out that another five girls were also heading that way, so although we didn't drive together it was a mass outing!  Our car left on Friday morning and drove to Santa Fe, via Albuquerque which took about 7 hours (including stops). 

Santa Fe is lovely, it reminds me a bit of San Antonio or St Augustine in Florida.  Some really nice buildings, little malls and lots of interesting shops. We went in some galleries, and spent about $100,000 each on art (in our heads!), and then went to the main town Plaza.  The Plaza was great for people watching, although the snake on display was perhaps not quite my cuppa. One of my friends touched the snake whilst I ran away! 

I got some clothes and new flip flops, and we had a Panda Express lunch (fast food Chinese). It's so hard to avoid fast food here, but it made a change not to have burgers or fries. The others had Mexican (again) - we consumed a lot of salsa and beans over the weekend!

We celebrated with a big team dinner one night - Mexican food of course. We managed to get a big round table for the eight of us, and after a few beers, lots of food and margaritas. 

I can now say that I have been east and south on road trips from Flagstaff. Next will hopefully be west, to Vegas and Death Valley, although it's really hard to plan ahead as no one knows how long they will have free between projects pretty much until we finish our current project. So we just have to wait and see!! 

For now I am off to the Grand Canyon's North Rim until next Wednesday.....


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