I've arrived!

So, I am in Flagstaff, my base for the next three months!

After arriving into Phoenix we got our bags and made our way to the ACE meeting point, where there were about another 15 other people waiting. After everyone was there, we headed to our buses - stepping outside was like a sauna (about 39 degrees our pilot had told us) - it was lovely,  I just hate being cold!

ACE have three housing sites; I am at Uni House with 3 other newbies (Tim from UK, Tom from France and Morden from Copenhagen). We were greeted by the other housemates when we went in, most of whom have been there for several weeks. My room has two bunks, but the other 3 girls were all away on projects or trips, so I had the room to myself. 

The following morning we had a 'house orientation' (not just for me, but for the house we were staying in), followed by the ACE orientation. This took place in a park - as a true Brit I felt uncomfortable sitting in the shade when the sun was so HOT, but for obviously reasons we all sat under a shelter. After Matt (Flagstaff's chief) talked to us for a couple of hours, we had pizza brought to us, then we went for a drive around the town to get our bearings and find out where everything was. We stopped at the second hand store and Walmart to pick up some bits we need for our projects and trips - top of my list was a pillow for my bed!

I have one last orientation before heading out to my first project - in Zion National park doing fencing. I leave on Wednesday, but am not with any of the others I know so far, so we'll see who I end up sharing my first project experience with! Everyone seems nice though, and some people have been here summer after summer – amazing.

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