Time to teach in China

After a few days to recover from jetlag, it was time to get into the teacher training. We’re all really looking forward to starting classes!

The initial class to break us into the swing of things revolved around…… icebreakers. The majority of people who do the program come by themselves with only a handful coming with a friend or partner. So there are plenty of introductions and much time spent getting to know people whom you have never met before. 

We played a few games of icebreakers. There was a hugging game where you walk around and then a number is called out upon which you need to form a group of people matching that. We played another game where you had to line up alphabetically without our nametags. The final game involved putting our nametags into the middle, randomly picking one out and then having to find out some interesting facts about that person. We’d already spent the last 2 days getting to know each other but it was good fun.

We then moved onto more series classroom management lessons that followed – these were extremely helpful.  These provided great examples of how a teacher should act and behave in certain situations. There was a focus on body language and the gestures to use when giving instructions to your students. I learnt a lot. 

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