Saying goodbye in China

Well, this will be my last group email from China... because I am coming home! I will be sad to leave of course - it's going to break my heart to leave my little Early Learner class.... you’ve probably seen hundreds of pictures of them online. I really will miss them and the teaching, but everything good has to come to an end! I will also miss some of the good friends I have made here. I also miss the cheapness of everything and the convenience of having a great massage or hair cut sooo cheap and so easy. Everything I need is on my doorstep and between the school (a 15 minute walk away) and my house, so I know I will miss the convenience of life here. 

I’m coming home via Vietnam, Cambodia and hopefully India…so I have some adventures ahead. I am going to Vietnam with Sarah, my housemate in China, then I’ll be in Cambodia alone, but can’t miss the opportunity to see Angkor Wat when I am so close by! 


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