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Name: Aaron Toumazou

Location/interview areas covered: London

Which camp(s) did you attend? Camp Tommy/Fresh Air Fund

How many summers did you spend at camp? 1 summer

Which role(s) did you have at camp? Photography programme co-ordinator & camp counsellor

What did you learn about yourself whilst at summer camp? I learned how to be pragmatic and creative with lessons depending on all kinds of different factors. I met campers and counsellors from all walks of life who taught me valuable lessons which I still hold dear today.

What was your favourite thing about camp? Sports day!

What main qualities and/or skills do you look for in an interviewee? An enthusiastic and passionate person who is excited to be sharing their skills with kids.

Top tip for anyone attending a summer camp interview? Make me feel excited about the activity you’re hoping to teach!

Fun fact about yourself: While traveling after camp, I was forced to spend 4 nights in New Orleans airport due to a hurricane!

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