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Working as a lifeguard in Maine,USA turned out to be a great experience for Alex, but there was much more waiting for him in the States than he ever expected. We caught up with him so he could tell us about life away from the camp. 

When I first had the idea about working at an American summer camp, I thought about all the experiences that I would have, teaching the kids how to swim, the sports, the trips and the incredible colour war, however, one thing that I didn’t count on was how fun the nightlife of Maine was going to be.

A week before the kids arrived, I was flown over to start pre-camp. This was where all of the staff would meet for the first time, playing team building games whilst getting the camp ready.

A big part of getting to know each other as counsellors was having every night off, this was a great excuse to get out of the camp and explore Portland, whether that meant heading to local bars, watching baseball games, camping under the stars then going for a late night swim by the beaches or something that I’d definitely recommend, using the on sight cars to go to the drive in movies.

June 27th saw the kids finally arrive, it was fantastic to meet all of them and to see which ones you’d be coaching throughout the summer, however, this didn’t mean the end to relaxing away from camp. We were given every other night off including a full day, plus access to three people carriers to allow us to enjoy what Maine had in store.

I’d have to say one of my best days off was when I and 9 other counsellors took one of the people carries and drove to a nearby river. We rented rubber dinghy’s, bought some drinks, portable speakers then just chilled in the sun, floating down the water all day. When the sun began to set, we drove to a local pool bar and spent the rest of the night drinking and losing badly to some overly keen Canadians.

The day to day life of summer camp is something you will never forget, the laughs and bonds you will make with the kids and fellow staff will last you a lifetime, but that’s not all there is to gain. A whole other world awaits for you to explore and experience in your time away from camp. I had such a great time that I’m back this summer and I can’t wait to see everyone on the beaches again, roll on summer 2015!

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