Rachel's Journey After Summer Camp!

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Are you unsure of the possibilities for travelling following your incredible Summer Camp experience? Rachel gives us a flavour of the potential delights awaiting you in the USA!
After coming from my small town and spending the most amazing 9 weeks working at Tripp Lake Camp in Maine, it was time for me to leave. I was leaving behind the beautiful lake, 1/12th of a shed that had become my home, some of the best people ever and the largest amount of hand sanitizer I had ever come across in my life to start on my 4 week road trip adventure of America’s North East.

First stop: Boston

We arrived in Boston at night, walking the streets I had a quick reminder of camp as there was a live band playing the Journey’s ‘Don’t stop believing’ which had become a song of the summer and one which will always remind me of my time at Tripp Lake. We ate inside the ‘Cheers’ bar and soaked up Boston’s atmosphere, including a Duck tour which involves an automobile which turns bus/boat as necessary!

Second Stop: Toronto

After a ten hour car ride, getting lost - possibly stopping to check maps in inappropriate places on the road side and having slight trouble with our (misplaced) visa documentation we finally made it across the border to experience Niagara Falls at sunset! Rainbow and all it definitely made for a good photograph! We had so much fun in Toronto and definitely experienced some new cuisine – chicken feet at an authentic Chinese restaurant always seems to stick in my mind for some reason...

Final Stop: NYC

Time for the big apple! With some free accommodation courtesy of a friend it was time to see America from a local’s perspective (with plenty of time to do the tourist things too of course). A trip to Broadway was a must and I was so excited after getting tickets to see the Lion King to relive my childhood with a good sing-along! No trip to NYC would be complete without a sneaky trip to a Britney Spears concert, especially when you turn up in your own hand made t-shirt (judge me if you will)! Other highlights were a great day out at the Bronx zoo where I ate pretzels the size of my head, spending an evening chilling on a roof terrace of a Manhattan apartment – a great way to see the city, and passing a man on the street with a sign asking for a rich wife (I knew Americans were more forward but that was something I wasn’t expecting to see!).

After finishing off my summer with two weeks in New York and one too many ice creams it was time to go home, and driving up to JFK made it all real. My fantastic summer in America was drawing to an end; soon I’d be back on a plane home to London but not without the most amazing memories which will last me a lifetime. I would have been sad but now I had the travel bug and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I was back on my laptop applying for my next BUNAC travel adventure, and I wasn’t wrong…

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