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Read all about James' unforgettable experience at summer camp in the USA

Camp life is full on, energetic, exhausting and unforgettable. My camp in the Pennsylvania woods close to a town called Hancock was set on a beautiful lake surrounded by the deep forest. The camp had every activity that a kid could dream of doing and more, from skateboarding to circus skills and soccer to pottery making. 

As a tennis counselor, my job involved coaching tennis to kids of all age groups with up to five lessons on an average day. Having played tennis for a number of years but with no coaching experience I was surprised to find how easy it was to coach after the orientation week and some top level coaching from the tennis head. Teaching tennis was a lot of fun as I spent the summer doing something I love and it was also very fulfilling to see the kids progress with my help.

As well as teaching I also had the responsibility for the kids in my bunk with three other counselors. We all slept in the same bunkhouse so when I wasn’t coaching I was eating meals with my bunk, playing games with my bunk or attempting to get them to sleep in the bunk. You will be with kids almost 24/7 and this can be challenging but also an incredibly rewarding experience. I became best friends with many of the kids in my bunk and they are the people that made camp so special for me - their excitable attitude is infectious. 

When we needed time to ourselves we had an hour off each day to unwind which I usually spent cooling off in the lake or seeing what the kids in my bunk were up to. We also had a few evenings off a week to relax with other counselors and a day off each week when we would head out and explore the woods and lakes of the Pennsylvania area. Days off are a great chance to bond with other counselors and staff members and perhaps find people to travel with once camp is over!

Going to camp is an experience you will never forget; I realized I was capable of things I never thought possible. Summer Camp Exchange allows you to have a fun-filled summer followed by the option to extend the fun with some travelling of your own across the USA and Canada.

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